St Peter ad Vincula (St Peter in Chains) is part of the Ashwater Benefice, with Black Torrington and Highampton.


A warm welcome to all vistors to our site, especially during these difficult times - Ashwater, Beaworthy, Halwill, Tetcott with Luffincott, Clawton, Black Torrington, Highampton, or wherever you might be. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ.




The church is now closed.

Special arrangements apply for funerals


Some simple Acts of Worship that people can use at any time, but especially on Sundays at 9.30am
SPIRITUAL COMMUNION Service Prayers dur[...]
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Comfy Chair Sheet for 29th March 2020
Our Weekly Pew Sheet has temporarily been replaced by a Comfy Chair Sheet
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God did not say that you would not be storm-tossed but he did say you will not be overcome.

This advice was offered by Julian of Norwich.  She was an anchorite, a person who chose to self-isolate in a small cell attached to a church.  She lived between 1342 and 1416, so when she was a child the black death was spreading like wildfire.  Later in life, when she was thirty, she became very ill, with a high fever and almost died but against the odds she recovered and lived into her seventies, a good long life for the middle ages.  During her illness she had several visions and when she recovered she dedicated her life to God. She lived in her tiny cell and people brought food to her and passed it through a small window. People would travel from all over the world to seek her advice through this window. She wrote of her visions and became the first English woman to write a full length book. It is called    "The Revelations of Divine Love." and is a great spiritual read in times of stress and trouble. (From Cathie)


Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all services have been cancelled until further notice.


You can download simple acts of worship and prayers from the link on this page.


Please join with us at home, at 9.30 a.m every Sunday morning.


Need to talk?

It doesn't matter if you normally attend church or not, we are here for you. If you would like to speak to someone about how you are feeling, or if you need help please call:


Rev Stephen Skinner

Tel: 07546 920222



Keep connected

Although we can't visit each other, we can still keep in touch, by phone, email or by writing a letter.


You can share what you've been doing, during this period of separation.


Click here to visit the Keep Connected page


Private Prayer

The church is now closed for private prayer.




To get in touch please email:



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